Newsflash: Recent Decor Trend- Marbling (Swirl)

     It is everywhere.

     Marbled trashcans, art, wallpaper, nails, even umbrellas! I have recently seen two blogs with marbled DIY projects and House & Home magazine featured a page about marbled everything.

Marbled Prints Make Perfect Art- Double-Wide in the Sky

DIY Agate Trash Bin- Little Green Notebook

     Both of the above sources used paper with a marbled effect for their projects. So cool, right?

     Anyway, that was my inspiration...it's an up-and-coming design trend, right after polka dots. Here are my favorite marbled finds:

1. Anthropologie shirt   2. Journal   3. Cheery umbrella

     Swirly is so fun (especially that showstopper umbrella!) What have you found with this latest pattern? Have you done any DIY projects with marbled paper? Do tell!

     Have a great Thursday! (By the way, anyone should be able to comment now without a Google account.)



  1. I am quite enjoying your blog! And that umbrella?!?! Too fun!!!

    Thanks for linking to me and posting my button. Sweetness!
    Keep up the great posts and have fun with the beginning of your school year!


    1. I know! The umbrella rocks! Thanks for the encouragement! I love comments!



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