How to Make Envelopes Pretty on the Outside

     In a thin basket, we have all of our supplies for mailing _________ (fill in the blank- love letters, artwork, invitations...). This basket houses our envelopes, stamps, and return address labels.

     Envelopes: Check!
     Stamps: Check!
     Cute Return Address Labels: Check!


     First, I must show a close-up of these adorable irresistibly fun address labels.

     See what I mean? Too fun! Felix Doolittle has lots of other designs. (Hint, hint: These return address labels are for a very special birthday coming up- and it isn't mine! That and much more coming soon!)
     I also have Tiny Prints address labels.

     Second, I have to compliment the adorable stamps! Aren't they beautiful? For stamps, at least?

Insert basket and voila!

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