Weekend Links: Quotes

     I couldn't keep doing weekend links without one on books and quotes!
The above is a really good post. I read the entire thing. :) Can you?

     Love this quote from Nester's Fall Mantle & Easy Fall Decorating Ideas post:
"The point I like to make with posts like these isn’t 'hey you should copy me and make a mantel just like mine'–you can, but that’s not the point. Maybe you hate what I made, that’s fine. The point is, inspiration and materials are EVERYWHERE. In your garage, at the thrift store, in your kid’s room, and yes, even at the hardware store in unexpected isles.
Look at things with fresh eyes, not seeing what they were meant to be, but what they can become."
      I hope you find this inspiring or helpful for putting things in perspective! Happy weekend!


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