Leaf Collage

     Simple. Fun. Pretty. With those three descriptive words, my ears perk up. Ooooh...I like that idea! Preserving autumn leaves, this quick and delightful fall activity will engross everyone ages three and up.

STEP #1: Search your yard or your neighbors' for leaves and set on paper...snap a quick photo, so you won't forget how you originally desired to arrange them.

STEP #2: Glue leaves onto paper and weigh down with cans for 5-10 minutes, so they lay down flat.

STEP #3: Remove cans to adorn blank areas of the paper with acorns. Add caption such as "Autumn 2012", "Fall Leaves of November 2012", or "2012 Foliage."

     Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! I dare you to do it before the end of the month. When you do, please comment to let me know! This is a great activity for while you hang out with friends or sip hot cocoa and devour popcorn with your family.


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