Hello, December!

     December promises the most wonderful time of the year!
The Hobbit movie...parties...family and friends...more football...fuzzy socks...chilly weather...hot cocoa sipped by the fire...Christmas music...
 Hello, me!
Hello, The Hobbit movie in 3D on opening day!

 Hello, LEGOs! This was made by my brother, but LEGO makes Hobbit sets now too!

 Hello, more football!

 Hello, Martha Stewart Living issue December 2012! (So pretty!)

 Hello, gift tags! I made these. Comment to purchase the set for JUST $.99!
NOTE: As of Sunday, December 23, 2012, there are only no more sets available.

Hello, warm, fuzzy socks! (Slippers are over-rated!) :)
Hello, babysitting jobs!

Hello, new white sheets, the amazing Pride and Prejudice, Piper (the bear) and Lily (the hippo.)
(This picture is a bed makeover sneak peak! Look for updates in January!)
     Happy December! Keep on celebrating life and God's many blessings to you!


  1. Awesome tags!! I would like to get some, but the e-mail doesn't work. :)
    Can't wait to see the Hobbit!!

    1. I just emailed myself, and it is working fine. Sorry. I don't know what went wrong when you tried.


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