10 Things I Learned in June

The rainbow after the storm is a beautiful reminder of God's promise never to flood the entire earth again.
     Here are the most interesting things that I learned in June 2013! Some are funny; others seem insignificant; others are deep life lessons (just kidding!).

1. OK...so this first one was really the last day of May. Give me some grace. :) I was shown how to take a panorama picture on the iPhone. First, go to camera like you're taking a regular pic. Then select Options and Panorama. Press the camera icon that takes a photo. Then slowly move the camera from left to right until you have a nice long shot of your surroundings. So cool!

2. Holding babies is a soothing balm for my soul. Nothing is more relaxing or fun-- even when my arm gets REALLY TIRED. :) Snuggle up, infants! I could do it all day long.

3. I love super organized, light packing. For a weekend getaway, I packed in a suitcase about the size of my 14" computer screen. I really don't need lots of things that I used to pack. See my light packing post for more.

4. My body can be dehydrated even if I am not thirsty. Read the book below to learn life-changing facts about H2O. (Or borrow it from me!) It makes me thirsty just reading it, so be sure to arm yourself with a glass and gallon-sized pitcher of water.

5. The "cotton-eyed Joe" song makes me want to square dance. I hopped from one foot to another while losing at Bunko at a youth group event.

6. Pinterest is just as fun as I've heard. Follow me here. I organized my boards alphabetically (see the next thing I learned) and named them using alliterations. My boards are below.

Astonishing Art
Crawley Craze
Dreamy Décor
Fancy Fashion
Hysterical Humor
Inky Ideas
Jane! Jane!
Lovely Literature
Marvelous Movies
Narnia Nonsense
Picturesque Parties
Ridiculous Rabbits
Spoonful of Sugar
Tolkien Tales
Wise Words
Yes! Yellow

7.  I have CDO...it's like OCD, but all the letters are in alphabetical order AS THEY SHOULD BE. I love putting things in alphabetical order.

8. A rainbow polka dot party with Monopoly, Twister, and Bingo is a load of fun! See more colorful pictures here!

9. Full episodes of the real black-and-white Lone Ranger shows are available on YouTube. Just make sure the videos were posted by thelonerangerchannel. I actually really enjoy watching them, and they come in handy when I'm sick. Surprisingly, the Lone Ranger and Tonto are more like Sherlock and Watson than a cowboy and Indian. :)
10. Pretty cloth napkins exist and are easy to use (okay...I learned that the first day of July...).

     What did you learn in June?



  1. I love that list!!!! Sounds like a fun June:)


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