Kaleidoscope of Colors

     A picture tells a thousand words.
     Colorful pictures tell ten thousand words. So instead of an extremely lengthy post, here are colorful collages of items grouped by color. This is a fun exercise that makes me think about design artistically. Photography teaches me how to arrange and coordinate color and shape.
     This takes about two hours if you do your very best. It's most fun with a friend, so grab a buddy and some pretty items.
     There are no rules, so get creative. I used decorating, fashion, literary, and crafty elements, but you could even use sports equipment, fake teeth, popsicles, leaves, or whatever you want!

     Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, black, grey, gold, and white. Which is your favorite? Do you accept my challenge to snap pictures by color? I think there is an art to grouping and photographing still lifes.

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