Simple is Beautiful: DIY Christmas Ornament


1. Gather your materials: Needle and thread, felt, pen, and scissors (a paper cutter works even better if you have one).

2. Cut felt into 1-2" strips.

3. Secure thread (12" long for good measure) at one corner of felt by tying a knot or two.

4. Make sure your knot is tight and close to the edge.

5. Start sewing along the edge of the felt, up and down, back and forth, keeping it on the end of the needle.

6. Scrunch it all together on the needle.

7. Slide off of needle.

8. Attach thread to the end of felt where you started. It is best to make more knots on top of your beginning knots.

9. Now it should be a loop.

10. Sew along the short end of the felt with tiny, neat stitches.

11. Tie a knot at that corner. Leave extra string dangling.

12. Use needle to make a large loop with the excess thread. Tie securely.

13. Remove needle.

14. Good job!
     If you have any problems, comment, and I will clarify. I am not the best at giving instructions, but hopefully all of the pictures will help. If you need felt, I have plenty to give you. Just tell me what color you want.

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  1. Love it! Could use them for other things too!!!!!
    Katrina ;)


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