Simply Crafty: Epic Citrus Art Fail

Don't pin it!


     I tried to copy this idea from Pinterest. It's so summer-y and pretty and refreshing.

     I thought, "Oh wow! That will be so easy!"
     First, our one black inkpad was dry.
     So I thought, "PAINT!"

     I ended the project with globby polka dots, but hey!
     Not every project will turn out perfect.
     I might go buy an inkpad and try again. Let me know if you try this and have more success!

     Epic fail!

     Just saying, not all things go as planned, for bloggers and definitely not for me. I'm perfectly imperfect!

     Thanks for not having it all together either and letting me share!



  1. Hi. Love your blog.

  2. Hey, the polkadots still look great!
    Thanks for another post!


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