Simply Crafty: Pencil Grip & Giveaway

     I love my polka-dot pencils from Anthropologie!

     I recently added this pencil grip to the pink one, and ever since, I automatically reach for the pink pencil.

     What? Pipe cleaners and a pencil!
     How? Braid the pipe cleaners and wrap around pencil

     It sounds kinda silly, but the grip is soft and comfortable and pretty, meaning it goes with our March theme:

Simple, Practical, and Beautiful
     I tend to use with pencils, so I can always erase. Most professional writers say to use a pen for those torrents of thoughts when you have to keep writing. Pens don't have lead that breaks or erasers that you have to flip the pencil over to use.
     Do you have a favorite writing utensil?

P.S. Comment for a chance to win the pictured pencil grip. Winner will be announced on Friday.


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