I Feel Like an Artist

     Saturday I broke out my paints and made an ombre LOVE sign inspired by the one-and-only Pinterest. I feel like an artist!
     (It is easier to read in person I promise! It looks whiter in the lighting I used.)

     The only flaw was that I did it very cheaply with materials we already had. Instead of a canvas and painter's tape, I used watercolor paper (that won't wrinkle when wet) and masking tape. NEVER AGAIN! That resulted in some ripped paper. Oops! I did my best to take off the tape cleanly, and the roughness is a somewhat artistic touch.

     So lesson #1? Don't cut corners!

     Lesson #2? Be flexible!

     This one is not for sale; however, I'd be happy to make you one and send it to you for $5. Just tell me if you want red, green, blue, or yellow. I cannot guarantee it won't be ripped. :)

     Comment or shoot me an email, so I can make you one soon! You could also have one made for a friend or your mother! (Mother's Day is next month.)

     Have a lovely weekend!


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  1. FABULOUS job!
    Keep up the good work, lil' artist! :)


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