Your Little Corner of the World

      We had somewhat of a family reunion in December when the patriarch of my dad's family passed away. I have about 50 cousins (many of which now have families of their own), 11 aunts, and 11 uncles!
     Needless to say, it's crazy when we get together. Add in our crazy personalities and the aunts' talking and you have a recipe for awesomeness!
     I took these pictures with my mom's iPhone, but I was shocked by the quality. I shouldn't be though. Apple rocks!
Me! (Yes, you see a nametag! There were so many people there that I was related to somehow and didn't know...craziness!)
Black and white photograph of my young Nana, matriarch of our clan

The youngest cousins playing hand games with the oldest cousins' children; I love the blurred hands!

My brother behind Pops' uniform

Beautiful flowers in front of a collage of pictures

     A snippet of my outfit

Programs for the service

My brother's photo in black and white

More hand games with little cousins and kids of cousins

Spinning cousins until dizzy

Pretty pose
     I loved all these pictures capturing the sweet moments. It was a fun trip of family, fellowship and food.
     I hope this gives you some inspiration to go photograph the world, the other side of the world and your little corner of it.

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