I'm Going on an Adventure

     I'm exhausted emotionally and physically. I just need to take a break. I need a change of pace.

     I'm taking a spring stay-cation. It's a spiritual reconnecting with God. I designed it for me personally, so I am only sharing for accountability and inspirational purposes.

     I'm not taking off from school to do this. It's just something I am trying for the next three weeks. None of the goals are impossible or over-specific.
  • Stay off Pinterest.
  • Read a huge stack of books on my nightstand.
  • Eat mainly healthy foods.
  • Go to bed at 8 pm and get up at 7 am.
  • Go outside more.
  • Listen to mainly Christian music.
  • Watch less TV.
  • Wear nice clothes that make me feel good.
  • Talk to God more.
  • Finish my second list of 1,000 gifts. (I'm at about 300, so that mean 700 more!)
  • Avoid looking in the mirror as much as possible. (I'm thinking too much about my looks lately.)
  • Write daily.
  • Break habit of biting my nails.
     If you want to undertake a challenge of this sort with me, don't use these same goals. You could copy one or two, then add your own personal goals.

     Three weeks might seem like forever or nothing to you, but it's a good start for me. It should be a time for me to refocus on God and get some things done. Think of it as a spiritual spring cleaning.

     I want to live in the moment and dance in the rain with my Lord. I want to go climb a personal mountain, to stare into the sunset, to converse with my Savior, to not be vain, to not be obsessed with anything that won't matter in one, ten, a hundred years!

     In short, I want to be obsessed with God, and I want to go on a mini stay-at-home adventure!


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