The One Reason You've Always (Secretly) Wanted to Be a Faucet

     A faucet? Really, Madeline? Are you bonkers?

     I know what you're thinking. "I haven't EVER wanted to be a faucet!"

     Hear me out.

     A faucet has one purpose, correct? It shoots out water. Yes. We use the water for different things: dishes, drinking, baths, watering plants, etc. But the faucet does the same thing every time.

     At your command, it gives water.

     As I wash the towering stack of dishes leftover from cooking dinner, I realize that's the only thing a faucet ever does. But at least it knows exactly what to do every time. We don't. We're human, and we have so many tasks, activities, and actions we perform daily.

     We don't have a default setting. We don't know what's next. We have decisions to make, chores to complete, food to eat, and books to read.

     That's why we all secretly wish we are faucets. We want to have one purpose, one basic function.

     Guess what?

     We are faucets. We have one purpose: to glorify God. No matter whether that means cooking, cleaning, working, playing, singing, reading, doing the laundry.

     At God's command, we glorify Him in everything.

     A faucet has one purpose, one constant: it gives water, whether we use it for dishes, drinking, baths, or watering plants.

     A faucet has one purpose. We have one purpose.

     The water is multipurpose. Just like our daily tasks from God are varied.

     But we are vessels for the water to flow through. And we know EXACTLY what that one thing is we should be doing no matter what: Glorify God.

     The answer can be a little more confusing sometimes, but the purpose should be solely this: Glorify God.



  1. Wow! That was a really interesting blog post! It also went way deeper than I thought it was going to! :)
    Keep glorifying God in this way Girl! I love reading your posts! They bring sunshine into my day!

  2. Amazing!! I love this one!! This is probably the best one yet:) I love how you used a faucet!!! Thanks for all the posts!!


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