5 Legit Reasons to Limit Pinterest


     I love Pinterest. And I mean LOVE. I could live without it though. I know because I did it for thirteen years! It's my only "social network," but it isn't really "social" at all.

     It IS addicting though. And whenever one of my friends signs up, they spend the next three months doing nothing else. And then they learn to slow down (usually!).

     I've taken several weeklong breaks from Pinterest and honestly did not get "behind." I think it's that mindset that can help us all limit social networking.

     Oh yeah. 5 legit reasons to limit Pinterest:
  1. Because it is not good for your brain. You know this. It's much better to be off devices, even in free time when it's so easy to waste hours on your favorite website.
  2. Because you will have more time to read. This is better for your mind, and you might even be inspired to write or climb a mountain or do something awesomer than looking at a screen all day.
  3. Because people are more important. Think about it like this: every time you get on a device to do __________ (fill in the blank), you are telling the people around you that __________ is more important to you than them. I know this isn't always what we are trying to do, but it's true.
  4. Because you can break the stereotype American. Enough said.
  5. Because your castles in the sky are mostly fantasy. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you can use Pinterest for practical things or not. Most of the time, you won't actually make that recipe, do that craft, or have that wedding. So let it go...I mean chillax...and remember that expectations dampen joy.
     For more on Pinterest, see this awesome article: Why Women Are Obsessed with Pinterest

     I'm not condemning social media. It's good sometimes. We just have to remember to be careful.

     At the end of our lives, God will be asking us how we spent our time for His kingdom, not how many followers we have.


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