Ode to Summer's End

Goodbye, summer.
The schoolwork's calling me away
From frivolous things.
I'm loath to leave your freedoms and joys,
But I know we'll meet again.

You gave me so much over these few months:
Watermelon, strawberries, and pineapples,
Ice cream, long walks, and fireworks,
Water games and tan lines,
Flip flops and hammocks,

I flew in an airplane (minus adult supervision).
I enjoyed a shaving cream fight, sleepover, and more with a group of wonderful, God-loving girls.
I hung with cousins, usually off at colleges across the country.
I even got (and this was truly a life-long dream) pooped on by a bird, while at a Rangers game.

And though I loved every moment of my summer,
And spent it very well,
I bid adieu to those hot, sticky Texas days,
In hope I'll soon see another miracle: fall.



  1. You have dreamt of getting pooped on by a bird?

    1. Yep. Always wanted to get pooped on by a bird. :) No joke.


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