The Grand Reveal of My New Bedroom!

     Hey, y'all! Welcome to my room. It's cozy, functional, and pretty. I clearly love yellow pops on a white background.

     This is my cozy bed. My mom described it as a cloud, and truly, sleeping under that duvet is like sleeping on a cloud!

     I love to read, sleep, and spend time with God here. The side table is a nice addition since I went without one for many years.

     I love to sit at my desk and write, study, or read. In the corner, you see the pouf I wanted for forever. It's a dream piece, and I love perching there to chat with friends, read, or tie my shoes. :)

     As you can see, I have three places I love to read. Okay, maybe I just read everywhere. (I do.)

     Here is the one place I don't read: my closet. Now that would be a squeeze! Our plan is to get Elfa shelving, but until then, I have rainbow books on my top shelf.

     Y'all know how I LOVE my rainbow books. We've had them in the study before, but this is my personal collection. It's a simple, ten-minute-or-less project that you can do to instantly add some WOW to your bookshelves.

     Now that you have seen the pretty pictures, here is a blah! before picture.

     That's the corner where my pouf is now. Y'all, the ONLY thing in this room was the desk. Literally. That's it.

     My incredible mama (who had never painted a room in her life) painted my room this beautiful white, Snowcap White by Valspar, while I was out of town. It took her four days of constant labor, but I am very grateful. As you can see, it wasn't a very lovely color to begin with.

     Here are my MICI magazines on my side table.
     I had my eye on this light fixture when we were selling house No. 1, and it's such a lovely touch.
     Ok, so this is the project we are working on now. Excuse my choppy panorama.
     I have been gathering these pieces for years, and each has a story. That is clearly for another post.
     Some of the above pieces weren't framed yesterday, so we drove to Ikea and bought 5 frames for just $25!
     Excuse another sub-par panorama. You get the jist. The heart, big bunny, Oceans, dots, and small book page (between "read" and "JUNE") pieces were all framed for 25 bucks with Ikea frames. Score!
     I spray painted the two little blue paintings' frames white.
     And for the grand finale, my finished gallery wall.
     So, here's what's up in my room:
Scrape popcorn ceiling
Paint white
Hang light fixture
Frame final pieces for gallery wall and arrange
Hang gallery wall
Replace flooring
Sheets ~ Pine Cone Hill twin hemstitch sheet set
Duvet ~ Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Pillows on bed ~ Caitlin Wilson
Pillow Pet Sam ~ gifted
Side table ~ West Elm Martini side table
Alarm clock ~ West Elm
Pouf ~ Lulu & Georgia
Pillow on pouf ~ gifted
Bunny Sybil ~ Jellycat
Desk ~ West Elm Parson's desk
Pillow at desk ~ Bad, Bath, and Beyond
Lamp ~ PB Teen
Lady Guinevere ~ Joss & Main
Pencil can ~ West Elm candle holder
Light fixture ~ Home Depot
Gallery wall pieces ~ to be shared in another post
Pieces to buy:
     I have my eye on this one...
My favorite part of the room:
It's my space; therefore I get to decorate it however I want.
The room feels:
Clean, pretty, sophisticated, bright
     Thanks for letting me share. My bedroom is farthest along (décor-wise) compared to other rooms in the house.

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