Cross to Butterflies

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     Remember this cross painting on the left from forever ago? No, you don't. That's ok.

     Well, I wasn't ever going to hang it up because I wasn't crazy about the way it looked or the style of it. And you know I can't stand to have something lying around in an unusable state!

     I had seen one of my favorite bloggers, the Nester paint over an old canvas. I figured if she could do it, maybe I could too.

     So that's what I did. I grabbed some white paint from a bunch of samples that my mom has been testing. I painted the canvas white, right on top of the old painting.

     Clean, beautiful, amazing white!

     Then I grabbed some paint chips from Sherwin-Williams that I'd been hoarding for just such a burst of creativity in four colors I love that go well together: teal, pink, plum, and aqua. I'm loving jewel tones lately. You can find the (real) names of the colors here:

     I punched them out with my favorite Martha Stewart butterfly punch (purchase below), and decked the white canvas in a flurry of butterflies. The Martha Stewart punch is one of my favorite crafting tools, and it's only $7.79!

     Now my heart and canvas are all aflutter. I love the cross as a picture of Jesus's death, but for some reason I never use it in my home. I guess I want my actions, not my décor, to be my testimony for Christ.

     I love the butterflies more than the cross painting. They make me smile.

     Shouldn't everything in our homes make us smile?

     This piece will be given away in October. Stay tuned here.



  1. Always enjoy your posts! I can never comment, because I don't have a Google account. We'll see if this works...(it's actually Stephanie Tanner!)

    1. Thank you, Mrs. Stephanie. You can always comment anonymously. :)


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