"It's You, Miss Madeline!"

     The three-year-old carefully placed his blocks next to me.
     "Eyes, nose, mouth," he chanted happily. "Look! It's you, Miss Madeline!"
     I was flattered.
     The blocks don't allow for much detail or beauty, do they? Not to be outdone by a younger brother, the seven-year-old instantaneously busied himself with his own interpretation of my face.

     It started simply enough.

     "I have a very big mouth," I observed.

     He decided my eyes should be bigger.

     Now the three-year-old was working as quickly as the seven-year-old, placing pieces in a large circle for my head.
     I apparently also have very pointy ears, thanks to the three-year-old.

     "It's Bob the Tomato!" they squealed.
     Phew! At least I'm not Larry. (Cause it's not easy being green from what I've heard.)

     I love how you can see their little feet on the edge of the photograph.

     That 3D nose is pretty impressive. In fact, I love how they put every brick from Jenga into this art piece.

     It's not everyday I get to enjoy the beautiful things little kids make, but it's one reason I absolutely LOVE babysitting.

     At another babysitting job this week, a girl was designing her own fox--excuse me, red fox-- costume while I helped her little brother make a hobby horse.

     When I'm out of inspiration, I often find it in the imaginations and passionate creativity of little children.


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