When All the Talk Is of Christmas

     By the time December 9th rolls around, all the talk is of Christmas.

     On blogs or the Internet or in person. What are you doing for Christmas? How can we make the season of Advent beautiful but simple? What are you getting for the people in your life?

     I'm not caught up in all of that this year. Sure, I am celebrating, but more than that, I am working on finishing school well. I am working hard at the theater as I perform in A Christmas Carol for His glory. I am working on keeping up my relationship with my God during this busy time. Because isn't that what it is all about?

     Taking a few moments to remember not just "the reason for the season" but the reason for every season, every breath, every moment, every joy, and every beat of our hearts in silence and solitude is truly beautiful.

     I want to encourage you not to get bogged down in anything you are doing or buying or even celebrating. Focus on Jesus, and the rest of it falls by the wayside in the best of ways. The food, gifts, and parties seem less of a necessary hassle and more of pleasant, peaceful things.

     Keep your mind on your Lord as Jesus did, and you will be blessed with unexplainable peace, joy, and love, and all those other wonderful ideas we talk about at Christmas time.

     May God bless you in this Christmas season with a renewed focus on Him.

     Here's a beautiful video to help you start refocusing on our Lord. (Subscribers will need to click over to the blog here.)


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  1. Thank you for this! Still don't have the tree up and was beginning to feel like a "holiday failure" : ) He is my all in all!


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