My 10 Favorite People to Follow on Pinterest (and Why)

     Some are collectors. Some are secret board party planners. Some are fangirls. Some are out for followers. Some Pin the most beautiful things in the world. Some plan their bucket list. Some do all of the above. Everyone has different uses for Pinterest.

     There are lots of people who hate Pinterest because it makes them envious. It does not do that to all of us. Not to me at least. I am inspired, and I have gotten much better about spending too much time on it.

     Not all Pinterest accounts were created equal. JK! Anyway, don't be offended if you're not listed. I love everyone I follow. It's just that these are my faves, the ones I rePin the most, and the ones that make me smile every time.

(No particular order):

1. Aliza Latta ~ She pins lots of words, because she does beautiful lettering. I just followed her today because of her #theyearofnofear.

2. Johanna ~ She pins mostly clean, beautiful spaces. I don't know how I discovered her.

3. Kenzie Baugh ~ She pins fabulous everything: décor, parties, babies, weddings, flowers, you name it. I discovered her on Pinterest, not through her blog, but I do not agree with everything she posts. (I believe she is Mormon.)

4. Modern Mrs Darcy (Anne Bogel) ~ She pins lots of her own posts, but I love her blog about books, so that is ok. Great book suggestions, posts, etc.

5. Naomi Davis // Love Taza ~ She pins stylish and very eclectic photos. She is a rather famous blogger.

6. r a c h. ~ She pins (on the boards I follow) sweet Instagram-ish photography and décor. Love it!

7. Mary Goro ~ She pins books, nursing jokes, words, beautiful pictures, and moments in history. I found her at the very beginning of having Pinterest and love her (even though I did not even discover her through a blog) because we have so much in common.

8. Abigail Joy ~ She pins flawlessly beautiful things every time--this girl! Everything this aspiring photographer pins is worthy of hanging on your wall as a glorious piece of art.

9. Hannah Faith ~ She pins Bible verses, crafts, photography, fantasy, people, art, animals. Just like her sister (above), she always pins bee-u-tee-ful pictures.

10. Mallory Osigian ~ She pins books, libraries, famous actors and actresses, on set shots, Neverland, and one of my favorite boards by her: pretty people reading. There is never a dull moment with this girl!

     I do not follow every board from each of those above people, and if you follow them, I am not responsible for them Pinning anything inappropriate. I typically follow the person, then unfollow the boards I am not interested in: food, exercise, tacky crafts, movies I have never watched, etc.

     So check them all out and follow the ones that are your favorite.

     And if you think I have good taste, follow me, Madeline Osigian.

Visit Madeline Osigian's profile on Pinterest.


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