8 Activities That Stimulate My Creativity

     In need of a fantastic idea for a blog post, essay topic, or book title?

     During the day-to-day monotony, I come up with ideas. Typically, all my best thinking happens while I am participating in one of these activities:

     1. Doing the dishes. ~ I'm focusing on the dishes, but really my mind is a blank slate for any words that my brain comes up with. Blog posts, book ideas, you name it!

     2. Showering. ~ But I bet you already knew that one, am I right?

     3. Doing school. ~ Yeah. I have a stack of paper next to me right this minute with ideas I need to type up because I scribbled them down during school. So much more interesting than writing an essay.

     4. Riding my bike. ~ I came home from my last ride with an entire novel idea. No joke. And that was just a quick trip to the library!

     5. Going for a walk. ~ Your mind is clear, soaking in nature and the fresh air. Ideas flood you just as quickly.

     6. Reading a book. ~ If it's a good book, I instantly am plotting my own, inspired by the big vocabulary words or exciting plot or to-die-for heroes.

     7. Going to sleep. ~ This one can be rough because you have to get out of bed to write it down. Which includes turning on a bright lamp. Which includes getting out of bed. Which includes realizing you forgot to set your alarm. Which includes you thinking about school tomorrow. Which altogether shuts down your creativity. Which makes you sad. Which means you are suddenly nowhere near falling asleep. :) You're welcome.

     8. Eating. ~ Your subconscious is generating ideas based off of the colors of the food you are eating, the way you chew, and the conversations around you. (Note: This statement has not been scientifically confirmed by anyone ever.) :)

     Whenever it is least convenient, I will find myself running through the house like a mad woman and repeating the idea to myself while simultaneously saying "Make way!" and "Pen! Paper!"

     In all of these, I am focusing on a simple, mindless task that allows my right brain to go wild and shuffle through zillions of ideas until I can put words to certain ones.

     Examples of ideas that hit me at these times:
  •      "Why Taylor Swift's Song is Saving My Life (blank space in decorating)" is a blog post idea that came to me while eating I think...or doing the dishes. (Comment to let me know if you want me to actually write that post. I was thinking of trashing the idea so as not to endorse her song.)
  • "Brown curls cascading, local heart-throb, had his choice of dozens of girls" is a character description I came up with while falling asleep.
  • Circle in the Forest is the novel idea that popped up while I was walking. Romantic, no?
     All ideas are copyright 2015 Madeline Osigian. :)

     What activities stimulate your creativity? I'd love to know if there are any you go to that I don't know about. Let's chat in the comments!


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