Random Thoughts Friday: My Life in Emperor's New Groove Gifs

     One of my all-time fave Disney movies is The Emperor's New Groove. It's hilarious and pretty brilliantly written.
     I recently posted a couple Tweets with Emperor's New Groove gifs and decided it was worthy of a blog post. (Subscribers need to click through to see the gifs, which are moving pictures.)
     Without further ado, my life in gifs:
When I'm explaining something on a whiteboard..."Any questions?"

Whenever I beat someone in a game

When someone mentions how many people they are inviting to their party

 Entertaining kids in the Amazon with my mad jump-roping skills

When I beat the other team at fuseball, and I high-five my partner

Me, basically 90% of the time.

 ...and the other 10% of the time

 When I walk into youth group

When someone thanks me for a gift

When I go "exploring" in the woods

When people are really annoying

Dancing to "Eye of the Tiger"

When I chunk a snowball at my brother

Practicing English

Stress cleaning after school
     Hope you got a few chuckles out of this today. :)

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