Dear Internet

Dear Internet,

     I just woke up fully at 8:45. You'll forgive me, for I have a bit of a cold. It's a combination of sugar, lack of sleep, and not enough water. Shame on me, I know.

     I jumped out of bed, then tried to catch my balance and figure out where I was going with half-shut eyes. I stumbled to my desk, pulled out my journal, and wrote down my dreams. (Another post on my odd habit later.)

     I took out my retainer that I wear every night (because I want my teeth to always be this straight and I am thankful for the money my parents poured into the process.) Then I grabbed a glass of lemon water.

     No one is here. I'm the only one not busy this Easter Saturday. It's a lovely feeling.

     So, Mr. Internet, after I sent Miss Blog Post into cyberspace, I commit to turning you off. I won't check email, texts, or Twitter. I won't start "researching" on Pinterest.

     I will write.

     I will write here. I will write there. I will write everywhere. I will slave away at editing and rewriting my book. I will add a chapter to the book I'm co-writing with a friend.

     I won't worry about magazine articles, or editing other people's books.

     I will embrace the essence of writing and WRITE!


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