That Story You're Writing? It's Important!

     What is the story you want to tell? Every decision, every habit, and every word you speak will influence where your life goes.

     As a writer, this is easy for me to grapple with.

    As a person, I'm challenged to step back and remember all the decisions I have made, even in the last hour. How beneficial were they--really?

     And over the course of my life, I am writing the story I will tell to my children and grandchildren.

     May I encourage you?

     Write a good story. Write the story you've always wanted to tell. We've all made mistakes, and we'll all continue to make mistakes. No matter! You can't rewrite former chapters of your life, but you can write the future chapters.

     One negative word could lead you down a path of negative habits.

     A few bad thoughts can lead me to make mistakes in the way I treat others.


     One generous deed could lead you down a path of kindness to the poor.

     My standing up for what's right in little things will strengthen my resolve for the greater issues.

     What story are you writing? I hope you will start writing one you'll be very proud of. One you don't have to leave out any details to. One that blesses future generations.

     Because they're looking to you.


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