Threshold Braking

     Slaving through driver's ed the other day, I was pondering the deeper things in life. When I came across these words, I took a step back (mentally) and saw so much more than their face value:

     "Threshold braking is defined as 'the art of slowing down in the quickest possible way by maintaining brake force as the optimum level.'" ~Safe2Drive.com

     We are in this whirlwind of activities in America. Even when we're "resting," our minds are churning, or we're watching tv, or we're thinking of the next thing we'll be doing.

     And we need to use our skills of threshold braking. We need to rediscover the art of slowing down in the quickest possible way.

     What if we were to suddenly stop? What if we slowed down dramatically? What if you didn't have to respond "I'm tired" whenever someone asks how you are?

     Wherever your "threshold" is today, I hope you are able to slam on the brakes and take a break. (See what I did there?)


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