How to Become a Bookworm ~ A Poetic Journey

So you wanna be a bookworm?
First, you must become a reader.
Readers read.
They read everything in sight.
Readers read at night, during the day, and every second in between.
Readers read a variety of books, so you should too.
Read fiction and fantasy.
Read non-fiction and memoirs.
Read pretty books.
Judge them by their covers.
And rescue some poor dusty pages from the library.
Fan your face with the nearest book.
All bookworms love their books thoroughly.
You can dog-ear, spill food, highlight, doodle in the margins, and have a tattered book.
Or you can treasure your books with no show of wear.
Either way, your books will know you love them.

Read long series.
Read trilogies.
Read the classics.
Read the new books.

Carry a book with you everywhere.
Did I mention you should never ever be without a book?
You'll regret it when you're caught in a long period of waiting without one.
Because a book is an escape, a peaceful reminder of better things.

Fill your brain with knowledge.
Read what others wrote.
Travel to anther place.
Recommend your favorite to other people.

Readers will read anything.
Read books with 10 pages.
Read books with 800 pages.
And everything in between.

Bookworms consider books their most treasured possession.
Bookworms are probably in the middle of a lot of books.
And they have thousands on their to-be-read list.
And that's ok.

How to be a bookworm is quite simple.
Just fill your shelves, heart, and home with books.
Their worlds will stay with you long past the time you read "THE END."
And that's what counts.



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