Sometimes I Forget I Have You

Dear blog,

     You're so wonderful. And you're always there when I need you. Even though I sometimes forget I have you, you're always in the back of my mind when I snap the perfect photo or stage my room.

     You brighten my day and surprise me when some posts turn out better than others. You're a special place to write the best things, post the cute pictures, and rant about anything and everything.

     If I make cookies, you're there to eat them with me. If I need more than 140 characters, you'll let me go on and on and on and ... well, you get the point.

     I find pretty pictures for you, and you respond by making them even more beautiful with a white backdrop. You taught me how to write better, live better, and faithfully deliver content (sometimes.)

     I can do whatever I want with you because you are my baby. I can raise you as a hippie or a clown or a sophisticated librarian. I can teach you how to cook or clean or read or do jumping jacks. I can try my hand at HTML coding and widgets and all those other techy things.

     I can laugh louder at myself because you allow me to express my words. You make me feel ingenious and crazy and wise and adventurous.

     You're my Little Decorator, and I thank you.


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