The Beautiful Dream

     I had a little dream where everything I touched became more beautiful. When I touched a friend's hair, it was to braid it. If I had touched a plant, it would have blossomed. If I had touched an ugly chair, it would have been recovered in a beautiful fabric.

     Everything became more lovely with my special "touch."

     You have to know where I'm going with this. On a blog about beautiful things and bringing God the glory, it makes sense that whatever we touch becomes a little more beautiful.

     One way to say it is, "She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes."

     Wherever you go, and whatever you're doing, at work or play, leave things just a little better than you found them.

     Some ideas?
  • Pick up that piece of trash.
  • Paint the lamp.
  • Lay the old, holey sock to rest in the trashcan.
  • Play the piano, filling a room with music.
  • Alphabetize the books.
  • Vacuum your home.
  • Add a necklace to your cute outfit.
  • Braid a friend's hair.
  • Paint over an old canvas painting you no longer love.
  • Take a few pieces of trash out of your car and bring something beautiful in instead.
     Leave a trail of beauty wherever you go. Others will follow.


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