Fictional Characters That Should Not Have Died

     This breaks my heart to write this post...to relive the pain of the literary deaths. But I will do it for you. Without further ado, post no. 3 in my miniseries "The Book Club."

     Some deaths are essential to plots, to the protagonist's story, to making progress, but these are NOT.


*Note* I haven't read every book in the universe, and I will miss some I have read. You can make your own list in your head as we go. But be careful of the spoilers. I will name the book before I name who dies, but I can't promise you you won't see the name on accident.

     All of these died at the end of a book, for basically no reason:

The Maze Runner (Book One only) ~ Chuck

The Book Thief ~ Her new parents and Rudy

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring ~ Boromir

The One (The Selection Series #3) ~ Anne

A Tale of Two Cities ~ Sydney Carton

     Why why why would someone do that?

     None of these people had to die for the plot or other characters to evolve! Which literary deaths do you most resent?


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