Literary Couples That Never Were (And Why They Should Have Been Together)

     This is post no. 1 of my miniseries "The Book Club," running this week only (unless I have rave reviews.) :)

     Today, we mourn the literary couples that never were but should have been.



     1. Mr. Collins & Mary Bennett (Pride and Prejudice) ~ I promise I thought of this one before I saw it way overdone on the World Wide Web and in fan fiction. Obviously, Mr. Collins wasn't fit for Lizzie, but was he really good for Charlotte? Charlotte is a dear, but she marries him for terrible reasons. She doesn't love him. He only likes her because they are compatible--oh yeah! and Lady Catherine approves. How could I forget that one most important detail, Mr. Collins?

     He should have married Mary because 1. she is plain, but he didn't marry Charlotte for looks, so it shouldn't be a problem, 2. they both appreciate the same dull sermons, literature, etc., 3. Charlotte deserves better, and 4. the Longbourn estate could have stayed in the Bennet family (which was Mr. Collins's original purpose for coming into the story.)

     2. Theodore Lawrence aka Laurie & Jo March (Little Women) ~ This one has made me so sad! Yes, Jo thought it was wise not to marry him because they would argue. But they are more compatible rather than conflicting personalities. Even though Amy is sweet, she and Laurie never really were as close as him and Jo. I mean, she was just a kid. And Professor Bhaer isn't terrible, but really, he's not wonderful either. Jo knows Laurie a lot better, and they would be so perfect for each other.

     3. Jonas & Fiona (The Giver) ~ Gah! So I know Jonas had to take Gabe to safety, but couldn't Fiona have come with him? I'm pretty sure they both stayed single for the rest of their lives. So sad! They were young, but they really loved each other. If you've read the rest of the books in The Giver quartet (which I recommend), you'll get super into the whole world Lois Lowry built.

     4. Sydney Carton & Lucie Manette (A Tale of Two Cities) ~ Charles Darney seems like the better option, but I know Sydney really loved Lucie. I mean, *major spoiler* he DIES for her. Literally. For her happiness. And she never even knows it. Tear tear. They should have been together, but they lived in difficult times, and it was not to be. He is a drunk and misfit, but he is a truly better person because of Lucie Manette. "It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known." (A Tale of Two Cities, pg. 343)

     5. Gandalf & Lady Galadriel (Lord of the Rings) ~ If Galadriel had never married Celeborn, couldn't she have married Gandalf? I mean, an elf and an angel...how much more beautiful can it get? They both can live forever, and they both are basically the king and queen of magic in Middle Earth.

     Those are my five literary couples. What do you think? These are just my opinions. It's ok if yours are different.


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  1. Laurie and Jo!!!
    I can't tell you how MUCH I love them! I have always ALWAYS thought they should be together. They are just so perfect together... Best friends and all!!!


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