Simply Tuesday Book Review

     It’s Tuesday. It’s not a Monday or a Friday. Just little old Tuesday.
     Or is it?
     Emily P. Freeman challenges us to begin embracing the ordinary days. The days where dentist appointments and grocery shopping happen. The days you go to school, do homework, watch TV, and go to bed.
     They’re not exciting, but they contain an invitation to slow down and let your soul breathe. Maybe this summer was all summer vacations and poolside parties for you. But I bet not. I bet you’re struggling with something or mourning something. Or maybe you’re scheduling too much, working too much, and going to bed too late. Maybe you’re rushing through, forgetting to enjoy every last sunshiney day.
     So today is the perfect day for you to embrace the slow, sit on a bench, and let Emily’s words simmer in your soul.

     Simply Tuesday comes out today. I really encourage you to read it, wherever you are on your journey of more vs. less and fast vs. slow.

     To be sure, there are fast days. But if those days drain your soul, this book will invite you to rest in the midst of them.
     If you want to hear more about this fantastic book, here is my GoodReads review of it:
Are you looking for a book to help you catch your breath? Simply Tuesday is a friendly reminder that slow is good, benches are havens, and bench-dwellers can rest there for awhile. Emily P. Freeman graciously encourages us to take no moment for granted-- to embrace even the Tuesdays of our lives. #itssimplytuesday  This book is well-worth the read!

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