5 Ways to Get Close to Your Parents

     This post should be called Parents 101. (If you missed yesterday's post and have no idea why we're talking about parents, check it out.)

     Here's what I've found to be helpful in my relationship with my parents and from observing many of my friends making good (and some bad) decisions in this area.

1. Open yourself to the idea. Let your mind open to the fact that you will soon be friends with your parents. You need to approach this humbly and know that you will get more out of this relationship than your parents ever will. They are very selfless people to be raising you at all.

2. Hang out with your family. My family members are my best friends. I try to always be with them if they're together. This often means putting aside a good book or a text conversation with my friends. It will be worth it.

3. Spoil your parents. Give them the shoulder rubs they ask for (without grumbling.) Bring them the remote or their drink when they ask. Serve them in the little ways. It seems silly, but spoiling them will show them you love and honor them.

4. Learn their love language and use it. Give them lots of hugs if they prefer physical touch. Write them notes every few days if they are encouraged by words of affirmation. Go on outings or play games together if their love language is quality time. If it's gifts, treat them to little things like coffee, books, candy, or whatever they like. And we already covered acts of service.

5. Ask for their advice. Who do you go to when you need advice? Friends? Teachers? Go to your parents first. I guarantee they will be flattered! Eventually, they may even start asking for your advice in the little things like what dress to wear to a wedding or how they should say something.

     Think about other ways you can get close with your parents and share in the comments.

     You might think facilitating this relationship will ruin all your other friendships, but it will actually make all your other relationships better. You'll have your parents' advice and friendship to guide you through them.


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