Candles & Fireplaces

     The candlelight and fireplace above look so bright and warm. They're simply issuing an invitation, "Come, sit by me and be happy."

     If you have littles around, you might want to skip this one or light candles up high where they can't reach it. I'm sure you can figure something out; you're the parent, not me. :)

     There's something so romantic about real wood fireplaces, but we will be using gas fireplaces and won't shame you for doing the same. In fact, although fires are super cozy, there is so much grace here. I live in Texas. We get to light fires about twelve days out of the year. But when we do, they're magical.

     Action point: Light a candle. And when it's cold enough to start a fire, sit by it a little longer than usual. Soak in the warmth. Roast marshmallows if you're outside. Don't let these moments pass you up.


This post is part of my 31 Ways to Cozy Up Your Space series.

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