Everything is Décor

     Today, we're just discussing a single, simple, cozy-concept.
     Everything is décor.
     This means that if I can see it, it is part of your house decorations. This means that that coffee mug by the sink with a thin film of coffee in it is decorating your house whether you planned on it or not.
     To solve the problem of ugly things becoming your décor, streamline your things. For example, paint the walls if you hate the color. Try to buy toys that aren't bright colors or minions or something that will mess up your living room décor. Close your laptop when you aren't using it. 

     Action point: What in your house is messing up your cozy vibes? Fix it.


This post is part of my 31 Ways to Cozy Up Your Space series.


  1. I am on a major purge/declutter, keeping only what is valuable to me because even if I do leave out a dirty mug, if I love it, it will still be beautiful to me.

    1. Yes! That is so awesome and perfect! Great work.


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