Food. Because what better way to bring people together? Shopping for food brings people together. Preparing food brings people together. Eating food brings people together.
     It just makes sense. In Louisiana, where my dad's family is, food is the coziest thing. It's what welcomes you after a nine-hour drive. It's what you wake up to smell in the morning. It's what we celebrate with.

     It's no secret that food can be comforting. But I'm not necessarily talking about comfort food here. I'm talking about everything. Home-cooked meals or fresh produce. Jambalaya or strawberries. Leftover chocolate cake the day after a party. Popcorn at 2 am for a bunch of giggly girls watching another movie.

     Food is not bad for us. Fat is not bad for us. Calories are not bad for us.

     The key is enjoying God's gift of food without abusing it and by looking for balance.

     In America, we are blessed to eat three meals a day, so cozying up your home has never been easier. You have three opportunities a day to foster this coziness among yourself, family, and friends.

     Friends, it's time we were comfortable talking about food like it's a good thing.

     It is a good thing.

     So tell me, how are you treating your food lately? Are you trying new meals? Or maybe you're trying to be more thrifty. There's no wrong answer.

     Action point: Prepare a meal and share it with those you love.

     We're halfway through cozying up our homes today. How have you cozified your house this month? It doesn't have to be one of the ways I've suggested.


This post is part of my 31 Ways to Cozy Up Your Space series.

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