No Matchy-Matchy

     While I love to give grace in decorating (yesterday was about imperfection), I also have a few rules preferences.
     The biggest one by far being this: No matchy-matchy décor! Please don't buy a set of brown leather furniture or a white little girls' bedroom set. We did both and only later realized that in the 21st century, this is not cozy!
     You're reading this, so I'm assuming you want your home to be cozy, right? Well, the truth is, no one thinks a furniture store is cozy, but that's what your house may begin to look like when you buy sets of furniture.
     Action point: If you're stuck with a set and freaking out, there's a solution. Sell some pieces! You can replace them with some other textures, colors, shapes, etc.


This post is part of my 31 Ways to Cozy Up Your Space series.

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