Stay Organized

     Some things that make your home cozy might not originally seem like they are cozy. Things like staying organized, ~ ok. Let's just stop there. It's enough to work with.

     What do you think of when you hear the word organized? Spotless, streamlined shelves? Shoeboxes and matching hangers?

     Well, I'm going to have to ask you to scratch any ideas you have about The-Container-Store-perfect "organization."

     Putting your stuff in boxes does not make you organized. To stay organized means to make your stuff work for you. When your stuff has a designated home, your tidying routine will become a million times easier. With less stuff, your house will feel like it's breathing.

     With this newfound freedom and intentionality, your house will have purpose and beauty.

     "That's all fine and good, Madeline, but how in the world do I start? My house is a mess!" If I could be a professional organizer/tidier I would be, so I'll help you.

     Action points...

     First, assess your stuff. Throw away all that could possibly be considered trash. Of what is left, give away all that can possibly be given away (without your heart breaking or your kid getting mad). Of what is left, you should eliminate everything you don't LOVE. And I mean LOVE.

     Don't keep the jeans that you always feel uncomfortable in. Don't keep the movie you watched once and disliked. Don't keep the glasses from your great-grandmother that you hate. Don't keep the book you'll never read again.

     Second, of all those things you love, find the best places for them. For example, some people have forgotten that bookshelves are for books. This is one thing that drives me crazy, so I can automatically know that I will put every book that I can on my shelves. Anything else will go somewhere else.

     Now you have only things you like and they are only in places that are practical and where you will use them.

     Easy enough? I know it seems dumbed-down, but it's true.

     Want extra help purging and reorganizing? If you're truly serious about it and I know you personally, I am willing to come to your house and help you get rid of that stuff that is just weighing you and your family down.

     Because staying organized just means having things you love in places that are practical.


This post is part of my 31 Ways to Cozy Up Your Space series.

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