How to Get the Most Out of Your Weekend

     Want to know the secret to getting the most out of your weekend?

     I'll share it.

     Put away the electronics.

     I've written about getting off your phone before, but today is about a special way to limit electronics and take a serious break. It's called an "analog weekend."
Analog weekend ~ n. a Saturday and Sunday without using your phone, laptop, iPad, iPod, or any other small device
     Before you say, "I could never to that," hear me out. The reasons I've been doing this lately are myriad...
  • I need a mental break after seeing all those videos, pictures, and words I am bombarded with every time I get on any device.
  • I need to get outside or do something productive.
  • I need time to reconnect with my family after five days of school.
     Do you feel the same way? If so, it might be time for you to try this.

     We are all way too connected to our devices. It's a problem. This is just one little step in eradicating America's problem.

     Don't let the device rule you.

     Here's how to take an analog weekend:
  1. Stick your phone and small devices in a drawer.
  2. Shut your laptop down! It's great for the computer's battery and your sanity.
  3. Try to limit the TV although I totally understand watching some football with your family.
  4. Do something! Talk to your family. Play an instrument. Go outside and enjoy the fall weather.
     If there is an emergency, people will call you. If you have a project you need to do on your laptop, it's okay to open Word. Do what you need to, but don't let mindless scrolling or games keep you from the most important things and people. The most important things and people will never be on your devices.

     I've been doing analog weekends for a couple months. It's a relief to my brain, hands, and eyes.

     Try it, and you might just have a new addiction.

     Finally! An addiction that is not a screen. An addiction to fresh air and real conversations! Click to Tweet.


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