My Greatest Mountain Yet

     My greatest mountain yet is a mountain of white sugar.

     I've written a paper on it. I've done a presentation on it. I've read about it.

     I've even taken several extended breaks from it.

     Sugar. Treats. They're so tempting with their sweet glazes and so deadly with their effects on blood sugar, the immune system, and attention spans.

     I've done the research. And my own stomach has testified. America is eating way too much sugar. It's hidden in "healthy" foods like granola, cereal, and dark chocolate. It's filling up every corner of American pantries this time of year.

     I am trying to completely eliminate sugary treats from my diet. That's the big task. It's probably the hardest thing I've ever done. But if you know anything about me, you know I am always up for a challenge.

     I'm not going to ask you to completely stop eating it. I don't want you to feel guilty or start obsessive-compulsively checking every label.

     But I do want you to be conscious of how much you are consuming, especially around these holidays.

     More than anything, I want you to free yourself from expectation and fear. I want you to give yourself permission to say no to the birthday cake. I want you to allow yourself some treats. I want you to be validated when you toss that homemade toffee in the trash because you never really liked toffee anyway. I want you to smile at the empty Reese's wrappers without guilt.

     I want you to live freely and do what you know deep down is best for your body. And that means you can have treats sometimes.

     They won't be offended. You don't have to give an explanation. You don't have to apologize. Just be yourself, the best you--wise, healthy, and beautiful!

     Some people tell me, "I thought your whole campaign was 'No sugar. Sugar is evil. We must destroy sugar.'"

     But that is not accurate. My view on the matter is grace-filled.

     I know sugary treats always make my stomach hurt. I know I always regret it. So, for me to live my best life, with no pain or regret, I need to give up sugar completely.

     But that is probably not your story. Your story is different. And that is beautiful! Have a treat today, and think of me.

     Share your thoughts in the comments below. I'd love to chat with you. Has your perspective on sugar stayed the same over the years? Do you tend to get sick when you eat sugary treats like I do? What is your action point after reading this today?


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