The Old, the New, and the Unknown

     I'm more excited for 2016 than I was for Christmas. The newness and fresh excitement of January 1st always thrills me to my fingertips.

     Anything can happen in a new year. I could meet anyone, do anything, become the best version of me, and spend 365 days chasing dreams.

     Yes, something always appeals to me about fresh starts. I'm so glad we have calendars and time units, so we can set goals and mark changes. Otherwise, each day would seem to flow into the next, an endless monotony.

     One thing I've been praying about for awhile is that I would have a gentle and quiet spirit. You know how sometimes we say things and then realize how stupid we sound? I used to do that a lot. So I began to pray for a gentle and quiet spirit that would affect my words, making them much gentler and a tad quieter.

     That quiet and gentle spirit that I strive towards is synonymous with grace and peace. All lovely things, aren't they?

     All of them inspire me to not only read His Word and pray but to sit still in His Presence and drink in all He has for me. Because I absolutely cannot have a truly gentle and quiet spirit without His Spirit coming and making me new.

     As I head into 2016, the Lord has given me a word for the year. A word to explore. A word to meditate on. A word to glean from His Word.

     Last year, it was relationship. This year it's about holding on, holding out, waiting, and trusting in God.

     In a word, hope. Hope will be the rhythm of my 2016. I'm going to keep a notebook full of pictures, verses, and quotes about hope. It will be so cool to look back at the end of 2016 on all I learned about hope.

     As for looking back on the old, 2015, I feel like I've been reflecting and writing enough on relationship here on The Little Decorator. You've explored relationship with me and seen all God has taught me.

     Going into 2016, I know God is going to teach me myriads of lessons on hope, but there is also the unknown. The unknown is exciting and terrifying. I know He will carry us through when we rely on Him.

     Happy new year, 2016! May the Lord bless you and keep you, and I'll see you next year!


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