My New Hobby | Hand-Lettering

     I have a new little hobby, inspired by Aliza Latta's 5 Hand Lettering Tips. I love going up thin, down thick. Words like "hope," "let it go," and "hello" fill the rest of the pages of this journal.
     One road trip and several class periods gave me the time I needed to work on my art.
     It's soothing. Some people enjoy adult coloring books; I enjoy this. I practice and practice and practice. And I get better and better.

     Covering Bible study, schoolwork, journaling, and every scrap of paper I can find with a little bit of lovely lettering is addicting! I've started doing even fancier s's and r's, and everything is swirly and loopy. :)
     This is not the last you'll hear of my new hobby. I'm sure it will fill my hope journal (a post that is coming soon) just as it has invaded everywhere else.
     I think it's always good to be practicing and getting better at something. Whether that is playing an instrument, scrapbooking, solving Sudoku puzzles, or forming fancy fonts, our brains need something to work on methodically and improve at over time. It's part of being a lifetime learner.

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