How Freshman Year Is Wildly Different from Junior Year

     Whenever I try to think back to my freshman year, even the end of it, it's hard to picture. It seems so long ago, and everything was so different. Some of the girls I mentor are finishing their freshman year, and that is crazy!

     I think this post is relevant to anyone who has found themselves far from where they once were.

     So here are some of the differences between freshman year and junior year.

Freshman year, I didn't know what high school would look like. Now, I feel like a pro.

Freshman year, I was considered a newbie by my high schoolers. Now, I'm one of the oldest.

Freshman year, I was in a transition with my living situation (remember the duplex?) Now, I am settled in our home; I know it will be my home at least until I graduate.

Freshman year, I was sharing a room. Now, I have my own perfect space.

Freshman year, I was drowning in library books that I would never get to. Now, I am reading through books I own.

Freshman year, I hung out with friends pretty much every other day. Now, I only spend weekends or church events with friends.

Freshman year, I had an idea of who were my friends and enemies. Now, I have befriended my enemies, and old friends have slipped from my grasp.

Freshman year, I was writing furiously in my beloved novel. Now, I hardly get to touch it.

Freshman year, I cared about not wearing the same thing twice in a row. Now I just throw on my cutest outfit available.

Freshman year, I cried a lot if anything was wrong. Now I cry if I'm physically hurt.

Freshman year, I watched a lot of TV. Now I get on my computer or read in the evenings.

Freshman year, if I broke something, earth shattered. Now I break things left and right and know there's nothing I can do about it once it's happened.

Freshman year, I worked to get every point I could on tests. Now I just do my best.

Freshman year, I made a lot of snickerdoodles. Now I make a lot of paleo brownies.

Freshman year, I had only girl friends. Now I can casually talk to guys.

Freshman year, I felt small. Now I know I'm small.

     High school changes people. Sometimes for the better; sometimes for worse. My high school experience has been full of learning and overall, has changed me for the better.

     Can you relate to any of these?


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