An Open Letter to the Color Orange

Image via The Glitter Guide

Dear Orange,

Your hues are not golden.
Your orangeness disturbs me.
I hate to hate a color with so much potential,
but I cannot love you with all your pride.

If only you would pick between yellow and red.
Make up your mind!
Are you dark or light?
Bold or bright?

I cannot pretend that your shades attract me.
I wish I could love you like some do.
But I'm afraid that I never can
Nor ever will.

I avoid you in stores,
On streets with construction,
Or with coloring book in hand.
Because you, Orange, never cooperate with any other color.

You're a rebel, alone,
With your back up against a white void.
Afraid to talk, afraid to walk,
You freeze up some part of me.

At least black is classy.
White is pure.
Red is bold,
Yellow cheery.

But you, oh you!
Whether neon or dull,
You cannot excite me,
Cannot delight me.

My chest tightens,
And I swallow.
I hate to hate a color,
But it's you.


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