I Don't Wait Anymore | Book Review

So I'll tell my dreams to chase themselves.
I'm busy chasing something much more beautiful.
~me, if I wrote a song based on I Don't Wait Anymore

     I love the cover. It looks like adventure. But I started this book with hesitation.

     Please don't be another I'm-single-so-I-am-accomplishing-everything-on-my-bucket-list book. The cover seemed to be a drop-everything-and-chase-your-dreams-and-call-it-Jesus book, but it is not. It's a book about craving God and going through life with Him as your goal, not just your companion.

     I Don't Wait Anymore is about God, and that's what I love about it.

     This book is for you if you:
  • Are young in your faith and eager to grow
  • Are feeling stagnant and crave a wake-up call
  • Are in your 20s or 30s, and life hasn't panned out like you expected

     Grace Thornton takes us to a place of discovering God's incredible love for us. It was a message I kept finding myself nodding to.

     The only con to these pros was that the writing style felt chaotic. She tells a lot of good stories, but the transitions are rough. So just take a deep breath and dive in, backing up if you get a little lost. :)

     Even if her writing style is not quite to your taste, her message may be the kickstart you feel you are missing.

     One of my favorite quotes from the book was actually something one of Grace's friends would have told her younger self:
"That journey to truly deep faith is a lot narrower than you think. And it starts, continues, and ends with a definitive love for the Word of God. I want you to know that what you love now is not really the Word. What you love is what other people tell you about the Word. You love emotion and worship songs and books about God and the social aspect of church in college. But you do not love His Word. Not yet. That takes discipline and study and sacrifice. But you'll get it. You'll begin to put in the hard work of truly studying the Word of God, and when it begins to pay off, your faith will grow into something much more foundational and deep and unexplainable because you will get real glimpses of who God is on your own. It will give real strength to your every day because, like A. W. Tozer said, it's when we see Him that we really see ourselves."

     This is a message young people in our culture desperately need. Christianity is not about emotional mountaintop experiences; it's about learning who God is for yourself. And that is more beautiful than chasing our dreams of what we think our lives should look like.

     Don't just take my word for it. Watch this promo by the author herself, Grace Thornton.

     Or read the first chapter here.

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     I hope my review was insightful and makes you want to go pick up this new release. I would say I like it, so 3/5 stars on Goodreads.


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