6 Ways to Enhance Your Beauty Without Makeup

     Have you ever been caught without your makeup but want to spruce up? Do you want to avoid the chemicals in makeup? Or maybe you're like me and just don't want to bother with it. (I'm an enthusiastic believer in natural beauty!)

     These tricks are a mixture of new formulas and ancient, tried-and-true beauty hacks. Give them a shot next time you need to enhance your beauty without makeup.

1. Eyelash curling ~ You may not have mascara, but a carefully curled lash will accentuate your eyes and make them look longer. The best part is that an eyelash curler only costs about $7.

2. Hair ~ Learn how to do your hair. It may just be one YouTube video a day, but you can learn how to do updos and braids. A flawless hairstyle is the perfect frame for your face.

3. CC Cream ~ Not makeup, but it's a color correcting cream, anti-aging serum, sunscreen, moisturizer, and a whole host of other things in one. I tried it because of an infomercial and really like it. My family always gives me compliments when I take a few minutes to put it on. (It's similar to a foundation but just one step and still not technically makeup, so my makeup-hating self is very happy.)

4. Water ~ Not to put on your face but to drink. Have you figured out yet that drinking water is the solution to literally everything? Well, it is, and your skincare is no exception.

5. Nail polish ~ Don't you feel 2000% more pulled together with your nails done? When your nails are on point, your beauty is on point.

6. Lipstick and blush replacement ~ This is an old trick that replaces lipstick and blush. You ready for it? Bite your lips and pinch your cheeks. Haha! Weren't expecting that, were you? It's perfect for sprucing up in the bathroom at a party because it takes like 0.0 seconds.

     There you have it: six natural ways to enhance your beauty quickly and without messing with makeup!


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