6 Ways to Find Inspiration

     Some days (today, in fact) I need inspiration. Write 31 Days is coming soon; it's an October writing challenge requiring a significant amount of content. And I currently have no topic.

     I have scattered ideas, but I need true inspiration. Inspiration can happen accidentally, but it rarely does. It needs some direction: you have to seek it out.

     In my case...

     I know what my goal is: to find a strong, working W31D topic, one that is specific but just broad enough to write about non-stop for 31 days. (*cue panic attack*)

     I know what my general topic will be: [spoilers removed].

     And I know how I'm going to get my inspiration: see the six ways below. :)

1. Brainstorm on paper--mind maps, flashcards, sticky notes, and my personal favorite: college-ruled notebook paper. Something about paper orients the brain in realistic ideas.

2. Go outside. My current morning ritual is watching the sunrise by a pond. Nothing stimulates the brain like fresh air and a view to oneself.

3. Rest. Just sitting without doing anything gives the mind space to breathe. But don't just let your mind wander. Think about your topic you're seeking inspiration for.

4. See what you've already done. For me, this means combing my topic's Pinterest board, looking for quotes and pictures that will set me up for an amazing October. It means reading my old blog posts on the topic and reflecting on what readers have enjoyed in the past.

5. See what others are doing. You're not the only one in your field--academic, occupational, or otherwise. Read others' works. Watch their videos. See what they have done. Do they have an idea that you can make better? Can you expand on one tiny thing they said? Just remember to never outright steal ideas and give credit where it is due. :)

6. Have fun! Let your mind wander. Explore new ideas and angles. Remember that the goal is simply more ideas, and each one matters, even and especially the crazy ones. (Don't forget to write them down, so you don't forget them!)

     If all else fails, then you can always write a blog post on inspiration!


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