Even More Bookish Nerdiness

     Want to join in even more bookish nerdiness? Here are 3 things book nerds have fun with (whenever they aren't reading, of course!)

     1. BookTube. Yes, it's just YouTube videos that are bookish. "BookTube" isn't an actual website. Just go to YouTube and search for "books" or "reading" or "booktube". You'll find hours of entertainment made by your fellow bookworms. (Check out my new BookTube channel.)

   2. Bookstagram. Once again, this term refers to bookish accounts, this time on Instagram. I don't personally have an Instagram. If I had one though, I would be super into this! Mostly, book bloggers are the only ones who commit their entire account to pictures of books.

     3. Goodreads. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Get on Goodreads, and find your new favorite books, quizzes, quotes, polls, friends, groups, etc. It's THE book social media.

     Challenge for today: Explore one of these communities that is new to you.


This post is part of my 31 Days to a Better Reading Life series.

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