How to Befriend Bookworms

     Yesterday and today, we're talking about how reading is better together {link will take you to an awesome article on a different site}.

     Let's discuss befriending bookworms...with gifs!

'How can you read this? There aren't any pictures.'
     Every bookworm knows what it's like to talk to someone like Gaston, am I right? Don't be a Gaston! He can't even read. (Love how Belle's face represents every misunderstood bookworm ever!)

     For most bookworms, books represent trust. If someone actually dislikes books, it's hard to understand them. Befriend bookworms by showing interest in their reading lives and asking good questions.

     But don't interrupt readers when they're absorbed in a book. That's the quickest way to lose a friend.

Appreciate good literature already!
     The easiest way to be friends with a bookworm is to become a bookworm yourself. If you really appreciate literature, you won't have to pretend to appreciate it.

     It's so exciting when you agree on the most important things in life. :)

When you and your friend both love a book
     And once you befriend a bookworm, you will have a friend for life!


This post is part of my 31 Days to a Better Reading Life series.

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