How to Read 100+ Books in a Year

     As you become a bookworm, you quickly realize that there are too many books in the world. By that, I don't mean that we should have fewer books but that you will never be able to read even a fraction of the world's literature.

When you realize you'll never be able to read every book in the world

     The struggle is real! We have to choose which books to spend time with! Suddenly, we're trying to figure out how to read as many as we possibly can.

     I am always amazed by people who can read a hundred or more books in a year. I've read hundreds in my lifetime, for sure, but usually no more than 50 a year.

     This year my goal is 60, and I plan to increase my goal by 10 books every year.

     Which means that in 2020, I plan to read 100 books!

     This is no easy task. But I think I've figured out how people do it, and I'm going to break it down for you.

     How to read 100+ books in a year:
  • Select your books carefully
  • Read books you actually enjoy
  • Read quickly (which means skimming occasionally)
  • Read every day
  • Spend more of your day reading
  • Be equipped with a book at all times
  • Put down books that are difficult to get through (it takes too much mental energy to push through, and it's not worth it!)
  • Make book lists
  • Buy books
  • Borrow books
  • Read short books (you don't have to read 100 700-page novels!)
  • Have read-a-thons with friends
  • Watch significantly less tv (or just go ahead and get rid of it)
  • Go places and talk to people who inspire you to read more
     A lot of these will be addressed in more depth later in this series, but those are the ways incredible bibliophiles get through so many books.

     Anyone can read 100+ books in a year if they actually put their mind to it. And you don't have to completely give up your social life to succeed in this area either.

     There are 365 days in a year, so surely you can read 100 books in 365 days! That's only about a third of a book a day, or about an hour or two a day (depending on your reading speed and the length of the book).

     Challenge for today: Sit down and finish a book. It could be a short one you can read in a day or a novel that you're close to finishing or even a short book of the Bible. You can do it because I am fully persuaded that anyone can!


This post is part of my 31 Days to a Better Reading Life series.

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